Focus on quality

At J. Heijnen Potplanten we look for ways of doing justice to each plant species. We work with different types of potting soil, a specialized crop protection plan and we continue to innovate in the areas of water, light and energy. 

We do this not only to ensure the high quality of our products, but also to be environmentally conscious and to grow as eco-friendly as possible.



We ensure a year-round supply, with the best possible care. Our stable supply has led to a large group of regular customers. These customers order on a daily basis as well as on an action basis. Due to the explosive growth in the daily trade, the clock trade is currently less than 10% of total sales.  Our business customers can log in and place orders via Floriday. As a member of Royal Flora Holland, we deliver almost everything to the well-known auction locations. Via an external transport company, we make it possible to deliver your order to the desired location within one day. Service is our priority.

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What's good for nature is good for people. 
Every day, we focus on taking the best possible care of our products and in doing so we certainly keep an eye on our environment. 
We strive ever more consciously for sustainable cultivation.

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In a CHP, a fuel is converted into heat and electricity. The combined efficiency is higher than when heat and electricity are generated separately. We spend a large part of the year lighting our plants. We get the electricity for this from the energy generated by the CHP. Residual energy is returned to the grid. We also use the heat and the released CO2 to grow our products. This saves us a lot of energy costs and also CO2 emissions.



We are economical with water. The closed system ensures that recirculation is possible. In this way there is no leaching into the soil. Rainwater is collected, filtered and disinfected. This water is then used, after being mixed with the right nutrients, to feed the plants. The excess water, which has not been absorbed by the plants, is reused.

MPS Certificering


We have been MPS certified for many years. MPS-ABC, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ to be exact. These sustainability certifications keep us on top of changes in European and even Global environmental requirements. We are proud of this certification and are happy to comply with its guidelines.



In the cultivation of green houseplants we do not evade the associated diseases. Lice, thrips and spider mites are common pests that we prefer not to find in our products. To combat these insects we proactively and preventively spread biological control. This includes predatory mites, assassin bugs and parasitic wasps, natural enemies of the aforementioned pests. With the use of biology, chemical crop protection has decreased tremendously. We have insect netting to keep out harmful insects from the outside. In cooperation with an external consultant, we continue to search for innovative ways to protect the crop using biology.



We separate our waste in the most possible ways. Paper, wood, iron, green and residual waste are neatly separated and collected by various parties. Furthermore, when purchasing goods, we take into account the impact on the environment. Think of pots, sleeves and labels made of recycled material. Trays and pots we no longer use go back to the supplier. There they are reused to make new products.