Heart for our product

We are J. Heijnen Potplanten. A family business with a passion for tropical houseplants. We grow various groups of plants in all shapes and sizes. We grow cutting material into beautiful plants and sell these throughout Europe. From retail and large garden centers to the small florist on the corner.  

How we distinguish ourselves from other plant growers? Every day we look for ways to do things better. We always aim for high-quality basic material and for each plant species we research the best conditions to allow our plants to grow optimally.


Unique position

In the Netherlands, most plant cultivation takes place in Aalsmeer and the Westland. But J. Heijnen Potplanten has also put North Limburg on the map thanks to its hard work and excellent plant quality. Customers from all over Europe choose the stable quality and good service of J. Heijnen Potplanten.

Want to know more about how we guarantee our quality and service?

How it began

In 1987, Jo Heijnen and his wife Rika Heijnen-Verdonschot took over the company from their grandfather Heijnen. Up until then, Heijnen had been involved in vegetable cultivation. Since 1989, the company has developed into a specialized pot plant growery. Slowly but surely, the company grew into what it is today: an internationally known company with two locations and specialized care of different plant species. Since 2013, Chris Heijnen has been at the helm of J. Heijnen Potplanten. Our company is a relatively small family business, but one with an enormous reach.


Alongside Chris Heijnen, Eddy Versleijen and Conny Houwen are the faces of J. Heijnen Potplanten's sales team. They can be reached on working days on 077 - 464 28 61.

Our Team

All plants are carefully cultivated by our team and prepared for a long life in living rooms throughout Europe. Our team members provide the care and processing of the product. From cuttings to final product.